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Designed to connect young women and encourage growth, support, lifelong connections and opportunities within the comfort of her own circle. The BuildHer’s circle is a place where women can discover their individual purpose, beauty, grace through community, healing, networking, events, and leadership.


Girl, it takes a village, and community is very important. Become a part of a community of women who are bold, strong, and ready to take the world by storm.

Affirm Yourself

Exercise your greatest asset(Your voice!).  Bring your visions and dreams to life starting with positive affirmations specifically made by you and for you. Change the world with your story


Become whole in your mind, spirit, and body through an environment that encourages you to accept your past, embrace your present, and declare your future. Build yourself up with purpose driven declarations,affirmations, books, and practical applications.  


Girls just want to have fun! Enjoy social gatherings with really amazing women, host and participate in local/community events that are designed to help encourage and foster purpose.  


Engage in opportunities that will allow you to exchange ideas and information, develop contacts, and build resourceful connection to further your careers.

Leadership Building

Even leaders need guidance. Being a natural leader comes with a lot of responsibility and it can weigh heavy on us. Develop skills that will help you find that balance between life and being the boss that you are.

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